Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pengomen Misteri: Komentar Berbaur Perkauman, Hina Melayu & Islam

Berikut orang muo paparkan komentar seorang pengunjung blog berhubung dengan posting bertajuk Hati-hati! Fabrik Bulu Babi Biri . Anda baca dan menilainya dengan tenang. Sabar!
Nama samaran pengomen : Boleh

F***k Muslims and all malay pig in Malaysia.
I feel ashamed to call myself a Malaysian nowadays because you malay pig are making us losing our pride day by day by corrupting the once dignified image of this country, you know Malaysia is now a laughing stock among the non-Muslim countries in the world!
People despise this country still protecting the lame lot and not doing anything to improve the deteriorating situation, still practising double standards among its own people, still expelling the non-malay genius to other countries, still depriving the rights and benefits of other races to its own race, still criticize and blame the Chinese for their minority poverty.