Saturday, July 10, 2010

Fujitsu Self-Destructing USB Drives Hit Japanese

While a USB drive has become convenient among people who are always on the go, the problem lies when it gets lost and all that data falls in the wrong hands. Fujitsu has come up with a unique device that deletes save data after a certain amount of time to prevent unauthorized access and three days ago the company in Tokyo finally named, spec’d and dated it for end consumers.

The USB drive will be called Tamatebako (in Japan, at least) and will encrypt data via an AES 256-bit encryption, and will even delete the data if it’s plugged into an unauthorized computer and logged in with a wrong password. Aside from that, you can set it to automatically delete its data after a certain time frame, ranging from 10 minutes to a week.
The Tamatebako also keeps a record of which PC or Mac it has been plugged into. Data is encrypted via AES256bit. It comes with 2GB of memory (1.86GB are actually usable) and weighs 45g. The USB drive will hit Japanese stores as early as the beginning of this month with an open price model. No word yet on a US release, but I guess it’s not completely out of the question
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